Are you looking for simple and easy to use accounting software in compliance with GST system

Our accounting system is according to the Malaysian GST system that

  • Help in GST reconciliation and tracking through just one click.
  • Help in reducing the complication in future GST and tax audits.
  • Update a knowledge database on GST.

A new tax system has announced by the government of Malaysia in which existing sales and service tax has replaced with the goods and services tax (GST). This new system was implemented in April 2015 in order to improve the current taxation system. GST is more efficient and friendly system towards businesses. It is successful in eliminating all SST weaknesses.

Use of GST accounting software Malaysia help in monitoring GST records and generation of reports for audit and for other business decisions.

GST transactions are similar to all business transactions. We have made the accounting simple keeping in mind the features of the Malaysian GST system.

The use of GST accounting software has decreased the work of an accountant and has improved the efficiency of an accounting system.

An accounting system provides detailed information of accounts, all credit sales and payments received. It guides the business owner to increase or decrease cash or inventory accordingly. General Ledger is the hub of this system which includes:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Inventory control
  • Payroll

A GST accounting software calculates general sales tax amounts on the company finances. Our team of software developers can develop this software with GST feature to cater your business demands.