In this fast growing economy, making the right business decision gives your company the competitive advantage. At Million, we constantly develop business tools to help your company make right business decisions.

With the introduction of the ‘m series’, it is developed for micro/small businesses to enjoy the benefits of using a computerized system to manage and monitor your company accounts and inventory. With this advantages, your company can make the right business decision minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

Million is born

Established in Malaysia 2010
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Singapore IRAS approval

Received Singapore IRAS approval
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LHDN approval

Received LHDN Approval
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2013 MSC status

Received MSC status in 2013
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Malaysia GST compliance 2014

GST Malaysia early 2014
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Training Centre

Appointed Training centre in Malaysia
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Ever been in either one of the following situations?

  • Flipping through folders after folders, year after year to find out the outstanding amount owed by a customer?
  • Do not exactly know how much net profit your company is making?
  • Not being able to remember what and when was the last price quoted for a particular customer?
  • Over stocking of items that are non-sellable or low in stock for items that are very sellable?
  • Frustrated when supplier chases you for money and you have no clue what it is for?
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