What is Million Payroll Software

Million Payroll Software Malaysia is an application used to manage, organize and automate the employee payment and generate employee payslip. You can easily process and print from one to hundreds of employee’s payslip with just a few mouse click. We’ll make it easier to pay employees on time, create payslips, and automate tax calculations process, even first-time users will be up- and – running quickly and easily.

Million Payroll Software is a payroll software Malaysia developed specially for small and medium enterprises (SME).

Million Payroll Software is compliant with Malaysia’s latest statutory regulations of LHDN, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF & most of the banks in Malaysia for employee salary transfer (online bank GIRO). As new compliance are introduced, there will be updates available to keep your payroll software in full compliance.

Our Support team and experience and dedicated. Our team provide a high level of services to support all queries and issues.

Million Payroll is so simple! Discover how you can go from payroll processing to printing payslips in just a few steps.

Watch Our short 1 min Demo Video will guide you through a few of our solution’s powerful features including:

Payroll Software with integrated
Accounting Software

Looking for a fully-integrated payroll and accounting software solution? True flexibility and performance comes with a fully integrated accounting and payroll software. It helps to increase efficiency and lower the cost of managing your payroll by choosing to combine both solutions.

Payroll Report Made Easy

Payroll organization requires you to offer a lot kind of information such as the payslip, payroll summing up, and lots of others. The payroll software Malaysia product can generate the information you require anytime you require them.

The payroll services that the schemes offer do not just give you with quick and simple report creation. It also assurance a correct and consistent report you can tally on

Feature to stated:


Multi User & Company

Different companies can be created, each with its own payroll runs. Many payroll personnel can work on different processes at the same time. Assign specific rights to different users.


User friendly Data Entry

Simple even to first time user of payroll software.



Auto calculation -salary, EPF, Socso & PCB, allowance, deduction.


Auto Pay System(APS)



Income Tax

Automatic generation of IR56E, IR56B/ IR56F/ IR56G forms with online submission options.


Audit Trail

The user activities, salary adjustment made are recorded as audit trail. Master user can view back other user activities within the payroll system as audit trial report.


Export to Excel

Easily export payroll data and report to excel for further analysis integrated with Million Accounting and Million HRM.



Keep up to date with latest local legislation charges, including HRDF.


Secure Employee Records

Secure your employee data-appraisals, leaves, absences, holidays, job and salary history.

More Payroll Software Resources

When it comes to payroll, Million Payroll doesn’t stop there. View our www.hrmillion.com page to discover how this powerful HR and payroll software can pay off for you and your people.




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