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01-03-2015Launch of New Million Website! The Launch of Million New Website!  Current update comprise of the following features fo...Read More9
05-03-2015March Patch Release NoteMillion Accounting Version 3 Release NotePatch version 5 March 2015 GST1. Extra tax cod...Read More10
21-04-2015April Patch Release NoteMillion Accounting SystemReleased on 18 April 2015Main Screen1. Added with Print Che...Read More11
28-04-2015Office Closure 1st - 4th May 201528th April 2015Dear Valued Customers, Office Closure 1st – 4th May 2015Thank you ...Read More12
29-05-2015GST Tutorial - GST online submission (TAP)Dear Valued Customers, Kindly review below GST Tutorial for GST Online Submission using TAP...Read More13
13-06-2015June Patch Release Note Million Accounting SystemReleased on 13 June 2015EnhancementGLGL Accounts listing...Read More14
13-07-2015Courier Service will not be available from 15st –19th July 2015Dear Valued Customers,Courier Service will not be available from15st –19th July 2015Thank ...Read More15
20-08-2015August Patch Release NotesMillion AccountingDate Released : 20 August 2015 1.  S...Read More16
10-09-2015Million P.O.S. SystemDear Valued Customers,Million POS SystemThe Malaysian Government...Read More17
10-10-2015Million Demo Day 2015 ...Read More18
23-10-2015October Patch Release NotesMillion AccountingERROR FIXED1. SystemSystem prompt out messag...Read More19
29-10-2015Million News - October Patch File ErrorWe regret to inform you that our 5 October 2015 & 23 October 2015 Patch...Read More20
04-11-2015New Updates for P.O.S. Reference MaterialKindly download the new updates P.O.S. Reference Material for further understanding in new adde...Read More21
13-11-2015NOTICE: Error for Import Goods Transaction. The version released on October contains an error in transaction done by cash book paym...Read More22
19-11-2015Recommended: Million Service Job SheetDear Valued Customers,Thank you for your continuous support.&...Read More23
18-12-2015 Office Closure 24th -26th December 2015 Office Closure 24th -26th December 2015 Thank you ...Read More24
11-1-2016The Latest Version of Payroll Software update Release ( 8Jan2016)The Latest Version of Payroll Software update Release ( 8 Jan 2016) is now available at FTP. ( ftp:/...Read More25
15-01-2016JAN RELEASE NOTEPlease kindly download following release note for Jan 2016 version.https://www.million.my/million_...Read More26
28-01-2016Chinese New Year Holidays Closure 201628th Jan 2016 Dear Valued Customers, Chinese New Y...Read More27
19-02-2016现推出全新的专业课程- 教您《如何正确地计算员工薪金》供大家报读。 现推出全新的专业课程- 教您《如何正确地计算员工薪金》供大家...Read More28
02-03-2016Payroll 26-2-2016 RELEASE NOTEPlease kindly download following release note for Payroll System (Feb 2016 version).https://www.mi...Read More29
04-03-2016Notification on Mail with subject"Million Intro Video (Chinese Version)"Kindly be informed that the mail with the subject "Million Intro Video (Chinese Version)" ...Read More30
14-03-2016Million Payroll promotion march 2016Limited-Time Special Promotion!PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS THORO...Read More31
16-03-2016NOTICE: Error in Million Payroll 08/03/2016 For those customers who have upgraded Million Payroll to version released on 08/03/2016:&n...Read More32
24-03-2016 Million Software 专门为大家开设了实际人力资源管理课程,这些基本的马来西亚劳工法令和条规您一定要知道!您对马来西亚劳工法令和条规了解吗?这些基本的权利您一定要知道!Mill...Read More33
31-03-2016Million Software Professional Courses - 实际人力资源管理课程Million Software 专门为大家开设了实际人力资源管理课程以协助雇主和雇员了...Read More34
05-04-2016个人及公司所得税课程报税季节又到了! 您知道如何呈报个人所得税或者公司所得税吗?您知道201...Read More35
07-04-2016现推出全新马来西亚l劳工法令及人力资源管理系列课程,供大家报读现million software推出全新人力资源管理系列课程, 共有4个科目 供大家报读。...Read More36
08-04-2016Reminders To Our Valued Customers!We wish to notify you that some of our Million use...Read More37
11-04-2016Payroll Promotion March 2016 - Final ReminderPayroll 30 Promotion 2016 – Final ReminderThank you ...Read More38
11-04-2016We are now on Facebook.Hello everyone! We are pleased to inform you that w...Read More39
19-04-2016Million Accounting Release Note [14 april 2016]https://www.million.my/million_cms/uploads/RELEASE%20NOTE/Million%20Accounting%20Release%20Note14_04...Read More40
28-04-2016老板及行政部人员必修的 ————全新人力资源管理系列课程!Million Software 推出:  老板及行政部人员必修的 ————全新...Read More41
23-06-2016速成劳工法令与所得税课程大优惠 现million software推出全新马来西亚劳工法令系列课程, 共有2个科目 ...Read More42
23-06-2016Payroll Software update Release ( 22 June 2016)The Latest Version of Payroll Software update Release ( 22 June 2016) is now available at FTP. ( ftp...Read More43
27-06-2016Million Payroll Release Note [24June2016]PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS THOROUGHLY.https://www.million.my/mi...Read More44
12-07-2016百万会计培训课程 ...Read More45
26-07-2016Gentle reminder : Ordering Process UpdatesOrdering Process UpdatesThank you for your continuous support. ...Read More46
02-08-2016Million Accounting GST Seminar  ...Read More47
04-08-2016Promotion RM 99 ...Read More48
09-08-2016Million Accounting New Release Note [08 August 2016]Kindly ignore the previous release note due to some typo error.New Release Note : https://www...Read More49
12-08-2016Notice: Error in Million Accounting (08/08/2016) For those customers who have upgraded Million Accounting to version released on 08/08/2...Read More51
19-08-2016Early bird discount for GST New Tax Code Course!...Read More52
19-08-2016专为老板们而设的课程- 原来 公司账目是如此简单GROUP C - 原来... 账目是如此简单 - - 《快速了解公司基本账目概念》 教...Read More53
30-08-2016Wishing all of you Selamat Hari Merdeka! ...Read More54
09-09-2016Accounting Software update Release ( 09 Sept 2016)The Latest Version of Accounting Software update Release ( 09 Sept 2016) is now available at FTP. ( ...Read More55
13-09-2016Million Accounting Release Note [09 September 2016]PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS THOROUGHLY.https://www.million.my/mi...Read More56
11-10-2016Register Now! - Million Accounting Feature Enhancement in 2016 [Venue: PENANG OFFICE]https://www.million.my/register-with-us-now-million-software-annual-product-enhancement-2016/&nb...Read More57
14-10-2016Good News: We have added 2 mobile phone support lines to serve you better [PENANG] ...Read More58
21-10-2016Register Now: 新税码课程 New GST Tax Code Course ...Read More59
24-10-2016Million Accounting Software update Release + Release Note ( 23 OCT 2016)The Latest Version of Accounting Software update Release ( 23 OCT 2016) is now available at FTP...Read More60
26-10-2016Good news: Million Payroll Promotion - 50% Off!  ...Read More61
18-11-2016Million Payroll Demo Video - Fastest and Easiest way to introduce Million Payroll to your clients. New Million Payroll Demo Video is now available on our Youtube Channel.Share this&nbs...Read More62
09-12-2016[Million Payroll Software@ 50% ] Last Call Discount: Place your order now before it's too late. ...Read More63
09-12-2016Million Accounting Software update Release + Release Note (09 DEC 2016)The Latest Version of Accounting Software update Release ( 09 DEC 2016) is now available at FTP. (ft...Read More64
16-12-2016*LIMITED PROMOTION* | Million Software New Polo ShirtContact us and place your order now! (07)5203434...Read More65
23-12-2016Notice: Million Office Contact Number Update   ...Read More66
09-01-2017Payroll Software update Release ( 05 Jan 2017)The Latest Version of Payroll Software update Release ( 05 Jan 2017) is now available at FTP. (ftp:/...Read More67
14-01-2017Million Payroll Update Release & Release Note [13Jan2017] The Latest Version of Payroll Software update Release ( 13 Jan 2017) is now available at FTP...Read More68
17-01-2017Notice: Chinese New Year Holidays Closure 2017Dear Valued Customers, Chinese New Year Holidays Closure 2017 Thank you for your c...Read More69
23-01-2017Price Adjustment for Million Dongle Licensing 2017Price Adjustment with effect from 15/02/2017 on Million Dongle LicensingThank you for your contin...Read More70
23-01-2017Million Payroll Update Release 20/1/2017 (E-Data Praisi) As per requested, E-Data Praisi  (CP8D Form) already included in our Million Payro...Read More71
06-02-2017Million Accounting & Invoicing Promotion  For Potential CustomersPromotion Million Accounting + Invoicing(single ...Read More72
07-02-2017Register Now: Payroll Update Workshop 2017Contact us at 016-7845911 / 016-7842911 or click the below link to do online register: ht...Read More73
01-08-2017Million Star Award CertificateDear Valued Customer,Thank you for your continuous support.Million software is launching a...Read More74
29-08-2017Office Closure 31 Aug 2017 - 03 Sept 2017Dear Valued Customers,Thank you for your continuous support.We will like to inform you that ...Read More75
06-09-2017MILLION OFFICE CONTACT NUMBERS UPDATEDear Valued Customers,Thank you for your continuous support..  ...Read More76
29-11-2017Whatsapp for Sales Mobile Number is DownDear Valued Resellers, Our SALES Whatsapp mobile number (016-7898770) is temporarily do...Read More77
06-02-2018Chinese New Year Holidays Closure 2018Dear Valued Customers, Chinese New Year Holidays Closure 2018Thank you for your con...Read More78